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Meet The Designer

conversations with Viceta Wang

What is the premise behind Viceta Wang? Can you share your vision for the brand?

“Our philosophy is to bring inspiration and freedom to the modern woman. The boutique offers them the unique opportunity to co-create a bespoke design made personally for them.

To me, fashion is a tool used to express one’s individuality. I wish others to experience the same passion I have when designing my own dresses and to ignite meaningful connection with handmade tailored garments.

I want to foster the feeling of owning something completely bespoke, something 'exclusively made for my clients with the perfect fit made with my client’s own measurements'.

My aspiration is to inspire other women to enjoy and understand their own style, allowing them to have the freedom to choose and dress for themselves.”

How did your career in fashion start? Can you share a little bit about your journey with us?

“Designing has always been present in my life. Since I was young I had a passion for drawing and painting. I can remember, during my childhood holidays, spending hours creating and designing dresses for my barbies.

After graduating in China with a degree in Fashion Design, I decided to study abroad as I always wanted to explore different perspectives of fashion design. Upon graduating in the UK with a Masters degree, I worked with global retailers over the next few years. New opportunities in Australia arose for my family and I, so we moved in 2012, where I began designing and collaborating with high-end fashion labels, including Scalan Theodore.

After 12 years working in the fashion industry as a product manager, designer and buyer, I felt confident to explore my passion, and follow my own path. And in 2017 I launched my independent fashion label.”

“I feel proud that my designs inspire my clients, but even more so for giving them the opportunity to create for themselves and help them to embrace their own individuality.”

What has been the biggest issue you have had to overcome as a female entrepreneur in the fashion industry? The hardest part has definitely been balancing my professional life with my responsibilities of being a mother of two kids. Being an entrepreneurial woman is tough, but I have always strived to build my financial freedom.

During the busy period of the store opening, I’ve been designing new collections, running the business, and trying to spend as much time as possible with clients, placing my personal life on a low priority at times. Maintaining a balance between your business and quality time with family is something that you figure out along the way.

I also believe that we need more female entrepreneurs to act as role models for future generations. I am looking forward to developing a support system network with other women who share the same values.

What is the one thing you love most about your brand?

I love many aspects of the brand, but I would say that our values are integral to the business and the creative process. We work hard to inspire women to embrace their own bodies and to customise the styles that best represent their own identity.


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