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Viceta Wang's Autumn Winter 2023 collection is inspired by the magnificent beauty of the cosmos, planets and stars.

It's an invitation to look to the sky, to contemplate the beautiful unknown and the meaningful bond between beings.

The autumn/winter collection, Infinity, takes inspiration from the beautiful unknown and mystery surrounding our universe.


Poetically capturing this sentiment, many of the collection's materials represent the

star-studded skies using crystal embellishments, reflective fabrics, and metallic threading. 


Synchronised with the rhythm of the entire universe, this season’s colour palette was heavily influenced by the fiery Sun, the planets, such as Saturn and Neptune, and the multicoloured Milky Way. 


A colour palette journey depicting the Sun, our star-studded skies, the cool blues of Neptune, and finishing the vibrant cosmos escapade with the Milky Way in hues of blues, deep purples, and striking pinks.

Viceta Wang is a Luxury boutique based in Melbourne, Australia.

Viceta Wang’s pieces combine contemporary aesthetic and tailoring in

Limited-edition collections that are carefully crafted by hand.

Ready-to-wear collection and bespoke available at our Melbourne boutique

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