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Using the butterfly cycle to express the journey of the individual, Viceta Wang invites us to reflect on the changes within and the phases of our lives. “Metamorphosis” captures the essence of life: our movement, our changes, and our transformation.

Viceta Wang is a Luxury boutique based in Melbourne, Australia.

Viceta Wang’s pieces combine contemporary aesthetic and tailoring in

Limited-edition collections that are carefully crafted by hand.

Ready-to-wear collection and bespoke available at our Melbourne boutique

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Viceta Wang’s pieces focus on longevity and exclusivity by featuring timeless, limited-edition collections,  

on-demand and custom made pieces for everyday and special occasion.

Our designs are cut from high quality fabrics and materials;  timeless pieces designed to last.

Viceta Wang mixes traditional ideas about bespoke tailoring and personalised services, with limited inventory and only producing items on request.