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INFINITY Autumn Winter Collection

After an exceptionally well-received salon show presented at Melbourne Fashion Festival, VICETA WANG confidently showcased the entirety of her Autumn/Winter 2023 collection just in time for the change in seasons. As the air was filled with excitement, our eager anticipation was met with a flawless presentation of artistic prowess and an immersive exploration of the wonders of our universe.

Hosted by the glamorous and ever-engaging Todd Anthony, who wore a stunning bespoke purple jacket, styled by the icon himself.

Set at the established Chadstone Hotel, guests were treated to a symphony of transcendent soundscapes produced by a master of the hand pan, Daniel Byrne. Interconnected rhythms and echoing harmonies set the stage and opened, not only the space, but also our minds for the catwalk.

Infinity opened with two fresh looks featuring puffer jacket innovation, pursued closely by a plethora of cool blues and silvers that lead us out of our Earthbound skies and into the beautiful unknown. Synchronised with the rhythm of the entire universe, this season’s colour palette is heavily influenced by the fiery sun, our planets such as Saturn and Neptune, and the multicoloured Milky Way.

Fringed cashmere dresses and cardigans ranging from muted caramels to hot pinks, novel structured denim silhouettes, Viceta’s specialty tweed sets, and rhinestone-encrusted, felted wool coating with elaborate wing sleeves were some of the highlights of the show. The audience were taken on a journey across the galaxy guided by the textures of our universe and its distinctive multi-coloured palette.

Reflective fabrics and metallic threading represented the star studded skies and hints of mesh netting visualised our interconnectivity to the vastness of this occupied space that informs and connects us.

Taking inspiration from the mystery surrounding our galaxy, and its beautiful unknown, Viceta’s pieces connected us to the cosmos and planets with its contemporary yet timeless silhouettes, luxurious selection of avant-guard materials, and elevated structures, pushing the boundaries of what connects us to our own outfits.

VICETA WANG has triumphantly orchestrated another poetically powerful runway show. Viecta personally sends her deepest thanks to her guests for accompanying her on this journey to infinity, and is grateful to everyone who played a part in bringing together the complete showcase. Viceta and her team look forward to this seasons wonders and can’t wait to share more exciting ventures with everyone in the near future.


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