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VICETA WANG Charity Fundraiser 2023

On a picturesque day overflowing with a sense of excitement and uplifted spirits, guests arrived in the grand ballroom, at the sunlight-filled Leonda by the Yarra, decorated in a sea of yellows, whites, and golds.

Held on the 16th of August 2023, the annual fundraiser sought to gather vital funds for children and families impacted by life-threatening childhood cancer. With the gracious help of guests and volunteers, the VICETA WANG Annual Charity Fundraiser raised a record high of $85,525.46 for the Children’s Cancer Foundation, who support game-changing cancer research projects and targeted therapy for those impacted with this serious disease.

Poised dancers from RSD Studios opened the event with performances of artistic prowess, evocative of poetry in motion, while guest speakers, including Chinese Museum CEO, Mark Wang, the Chairman of Australian Chinese Jockey Club, Teresa Poon, Children’s Cancer Foundation CEO, Michelle Crawford, and Viceta Wang, the eponymous brand owner and designer, gave addresses of inspiring encouragement and strengthened the community’s spirit in the face of cancer.

Adorned in the sunflower theme, symbolising unwavering resilience, long life, and lasting happiness, the ever-popular returning charity hosts, Todd Anthony and Chris , conducted an enthralling live auction comprising of generously donated gifts from Viceta, herself, and members of the community. Accomplished singer, Zhaorong Li, also graced the stage to perform an enchanting repertoire of uplifting libretto.

Thanks to the abundant turnout of 182 guests, 30% of all ticket sales went towards the final raised sum of over $85 thousand AUD, along with funds raised through the live auction, silent auction, Charity T-Shirt sales, sunflower bouquet sales, decorative sunflower ornament sales, and any in-person donations made on the day. This remarkable amount was entirely donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation to support the fight against childhood cancer.

This event and its accomplishments could not have been achieved without the tireless efforts of charitable volunteers, the wonderful staff at Leonda by the Yarra and its dedicated partners and suppliers, the kindness and generosity of those who contributed and purchased gifts from the auctions, and finally we give our deepest thanks to every guest who attended the event and donated their time and funds to raise awareness and protect children from cancer’s grasp. Every donation and effort is recognised and humbly appreciated. Special thanks goes out to Todd Anthony, RSD Dance Studios, Shannen Cass, and An ni, who each brought this event to life through their heartfelt contribution. We cannot thank you enough.

“I am so humbled by the community’s dedication and enthusiasm to support a worthy cause that is close to my heart. Our brand is committed to raising awareness and supporting charitable organisations such as the Children’s Cancer Foundation. The work they provide is invaluable and the fruit of their work; immeasurable. We are overwhelmingly grateful to all our guests and are proud to support such an incredible charity.”

Viceta Wang at the Annual Charity Fundraiser 2023

Viceta and her team look forward to welcoming you at their next annual fundraiser in 2024!


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