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VICETA WANG makes its triumphant Chinese debut

Finale catwalk of VICETA WANG Spring Summer 2024 at Shanghai Fashion Week

In the heart of Shanghai, China’s fashion capital, intrigued crowds amassed in the foyer of Shanghai Fashion Week’s premier runway venue. With euphoric anticipation, audiences of about 550 guests were introduced to VICETA WANG's lavish new Spring Summer collection, SERENITY.

Shanghai Fashion Week Media Wall for VICETA WANG Spring Summer 2024 runway show

The contrasting balance between the traditional and contemporary shape of VICETA WANG’s universe and handcrafted techniques maintains the elegance of couture in a ready-to-wear collection, and in a poetic statement, Shanghai Fashion Week marks the label’s Chinese debut and, coincidentally, international debuting showcase.

Shanghai Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024 VICETA WANG runway show

VICETA WANG’s Spring Summer 2024 collection is inspired by the serenity that nature imparts. When intimately connected with nature, our souls are elevated in every dimension of our existence, allowing a moment to breathe and reflect.

Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024 VICETA WANG runway show

Bridging the East and the West, where past and present fuse in motion, SERENITY offers a glimpse into a vision of two worlds colliding harmoniously within nature’s resounding rhythms.

Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024 VICETA WANG runway show

An original soundtrack by Melbourne-based artist Matthew O’Brien opened the runway accompanied by a backdrop of softly-seeping coloured gradients. Guests were enveloped in an exploratory and sensory manifestation of nature’s sounds and landscapes. Mixing traditional Chinese instrumentals with modern melodies, the soundscape was imbued with elements inspired by China's mountains and forests. The compelling track featured the call of the native Australian “Eastern Whipbird”, and cicada symphonies, with a touch of indigenous acoustics completing the magic.

Throughout the 52 unique looks, traditional knotting techniques were used to symbolically represent a never-ending cycle mixed with bold, statement flowers that provide a fresh air of femininity, together providing a dynamic tapestry fusing Chinese history with VICETA WANG’s signature emblem.

Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024 VICETA WANG runway show

Beating in harmony with nature’s rhythmic season, a refreshing colour palette of vivid greens, serene purples, and sunset hues paint a sumptuous symphony. Cool tones of blues and greens illustrated a quiet lakeside, while sunset hues of oranges and pinks melted into the ruffled silhouettes, and a powerful red was a direct nod to China’s rich history.

Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024 VICETA WANG runway show

To close the show, attendees were invited to a pop-up shop following the 3 days of the runway show, situated in one of Shanghai's coveted design spaces with promise of a private viewing of the Spring Summer collection.

Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024 VICETA WANG runway show



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